The biggest lesson I have learnt this year

The biggest lesson I have learnt this year is not to force anything. Conversations, friendships, relationships, attention or even love…Something forced it just not worth fighting for. Whatever flows flows, what crashes crashes it’s what it is…

In the ceaseless current of life, we often find ourselves struggling against the tide, pushing and pulling to control the direction of our relationships, conversations, and even love lives. We strive for attention, validation, and connection, often resorting to manipulation or coercion to achieve our desired outcomes. However, in this relentless pursuit of force, we overlook a fundamental truth: what is meant to be will find its way, and what is not will inevitably crumble.

This year, I have learned this profound lesson: the greatest strength lies in non-attachment. Instead of expending our energy on forcing connections or manipulating situations, we must embrace the natural flow of life. Like a river carving its path through the landscape, our relationships, friendships, and affections will unfold organically, guided by an invisible force beyond our control.

When we cease to force conversations, they become genuine exchanges, devoid of pretence and manipulation. Friendships blossom effortlessly, nurtured by mutual respect and shared interests. Relationships flourish, unburdened by expectations and demands. And love, in its truest form, emerges as a spontaneous combustion, ignited by an undeniable connection that defies all attempts to control or orchestrate.

The act of forcing anything inevitably leads to a state of resistance, creating an invisible barrier that hinders the natural flow of life. It is like trying to push a boulder uphill – an exhausting and futile endeavor. Instead, we must surrender to the current, allowing ourselves to be carried along by the rhythm of life.

This doesn’t mean that we should become passive observers, idly watching as life unfolds around us. Rather, it is about channelling our energy into meaningful actions, guided by a sense of purpose and authenticity. We can engage in conversations that spark inspiration, nurture friendships that enrich our lives, and cultivate relationships that bring joy and fulfilment.

As we embrace the philosophy of non-attachment, we open ourselves to a world of possibilities, where connections are forged with ease, friendships deepen with understanding, and love blossoms in its purest form. Let us release the grip of control, surrender to the flow of life, and discover the profound beauty of effortless relationships, where what is meant to be will find its way.

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