Masculine Qualities Women SECRETLY Love In Men.

1. Mystery

Women always want to believe there are a million stories you hide from the rest of the world.

They love the idea of discovering new things about their man over time.

They want to know the part of your life other than what they see.

2. Spontaneity

Women find spontaneity incredibly attractive.

They want a man who doesn’t need to make ‘plans’, one who takes life by the day.

They want to be surprised every time they meet you, they want to know you’ll be up for any plan at any time of the day.

3. Strong Presence

Having a strong presence truly attracts women because they feel safe and protected in your presence. Remember, a strong presence comes from confidence, authority, and power – qualities that women crave in men.

4. Strength

If you have the power to take charge in intimate moments, women will subconsciously submit to that power. However, to possess these strengths, you must make changes in your life, and let go of negative factors that make you physically and mentally weak.

5. Responsibility

Women value nothing more than responsibility and commitment in a relationship. To succeed with women, reflect on your life and strive to live as a responsible man who can take care of himself and the one he loves.

6. Independence

Women love a man who is his own and doesn’t have to depend on other people. If you can’t survive as a one-some, you shouldn’t be in a relationship.

7. Intelligence

Women are extremely fascinated with men who always have something substantial to contribute to a conversation. It is always interesting to listen to a man talk of his experiences in all the countries, cities and towns he has been to and all that he saw there.

8. Maturity

A mature man understands the importance of being responsible for his actions and takes accountability for his mistakes. He makes sound decisions using his rational mind, even under high pressure, without succumbing to childish behavior.

9. Purpose

Women want to spend their lives with men who can promise them a good future. Whether you accept it or not, this is how women measure your value and worth. It is better to have a sense of value in life than to be left in the dust.

10. Machismo

You don’t need a ripped physique to be manly – it takes much more than just that to be manly. She needs to constantly feel an irresistible urge around you. Your eyes should tell her how much you want her every time you look at her

You need to make her feel you’re strong enough to protect her.

11. Confidence

Confidence not only benefits you personally but also creates a sense of connection with the women around you. When you are confident, women will crave you because you are unafraid to:

  • Take risks
  • Speak your mind
  • Stand up for your belief

Here’s the key:

Attraction is a game of Kings.


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