Libya’s Leadership Calls for African Support to Remove Foreign Troops from African Soil

In a significant development, Libya’s Presidential Council Chairman, Mohamed al-Menfi, has reached out to Russia and other African countries seeking assistance in achieving the withdrawal of foreign troops from Libyan territory. The call comes as Libya continues its efforts to overcome national divisions and establish unified armed forces dedicated to maintaining peace and stability in the country.

Addressing a plenary session at the second Russia-Africa Summit in St. Petersburg, al-Menfi emphasized the importance of African solidarity in securing the removal of foreign military presence from the continent. He sought the support of “friends in the Russian leadership and our friends in the African countries” to help Libya accomplish this critical objective.

Since the ceasefire in Libya, the nation’s leadership has been resolutely focused on healing internal divisions and fostering a unified defense apparatus capable of ensuring peace and resolving pressing challenges confronting the country. Recognizing the significance of this peaceful transformation, al-Menfi underscored the urgent need for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Libyan soil.

Moreover, Libya expressed deep concern over recent developments in neighboring Niger, where the restoration of legitimate authority is essential for stability in the region. This underscores the importance of addressing security challenges collectively and emphasizes the interconnectedness of African nations in seeking solutions to regional issues.

In light of this appeal from Libya’s leadership, King Kariuki and the African community stand united in their support for the removal of foreign troops from African soil. As advocates for peace and sovereignty, King Kariuki and his supporters emphasize the need for African nations to work together to strengthen the region’s stability and protect its independence.

The call for assistance in withdrawing foreign troops represents a crucial step towards building a secure and prosperous Africa. reaffirms its commitment to championing the cause of peace and stability on the continent, working hand-in-hand with Libyan and other African leaders to achieve a more secure and united Africa.

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