Steps to follow when Applying For a Kenyan Passport.

When applying for a Kenyan passport, there are several critical steps to follow:

  1. Required Documents: Gather all required documents, including your birth certificate, national ID, and other supporting documents. Check the official website for the most up-to-date list.
    1. National ID
    1. Birth Certificate
    1. Both |Parents IDs
  2. Passport Photos: Obtain passport-sized photos that meet the specified requirements. These are usually taken against a plain background.
    1. The passport must be 2×2 inches with a white background
  3. Online Application: Start by filling out the online application form on the eCitizen platform. Provide accurate information and follow the instructions carefully.
  4. Payment: Pay the required fees online through the eCitizen portal. Ensure that you keep a record of the payment receipt.
  5. Book an Appointment: Schedule an appointment for passport processing at the immigration office. Be punctual and bring all necessary documents.
  6. Biometric Data Capture: During your appointment, your biometric data, including fingerprints and a digital photo, will be captured.
    1. Interview: Be prepared for a brief interview during the Biometric capture process. Answer questions truthfully and provide any additional information requested.
  7. Collection of Passport: After processing, you’ll be notified when your passport is ready for collection. Ensure you have the necessary identification for pick-up.

Remember to follow the guidelines provided by the Kenyan immigration authorities and check for any updates or changes on their official website. Good luck with your passport application!

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