The Dangers of Simping for Men: Why Simping Won’t Get You the Number or Date

Simping is often seen as a negative trait, as it can indicate a lack of self-respect or an unhealthy obsession with another person. Some people may engage in simping without even realizing it, but it can ultimately be harmful to one’s self-esteem and relationships.

People may simp out of fear that they won’t measure up if they don’t give into their desires, so they become willing to submit themselves to another person as a way to feel accepted and validated. Unfortunately, simping can lead to unhealthy relationships where one partner has power over the other.

Simping is absolutely self-destructive for men, on top of the inherent personality weaknesses that it shows. Being a simp yields results that are detrimental and the opposite of what simps expect. While simps assume that giving women attention is a way to get them more poon, the behavior achieves the opposite.

The number one example that comes to mind is when undesirable men totally disappear from their friends and family when they have a girlfriend. Giving women too much attention is off-putting, reeks of desperation, and will eventually trigger a breakup. If a woman is fine with the showering of attention, that does not signal that it is okay. It just means that she has no standards or healthy self-esteem. The man settling for just about anyone does not make him valuable — it means he could not do any better. Calling and texting all day, every day is not productive, alpha, grounded, patient, or in control.

The man settling for just about anyone does not make him valuable — it means he could not do any better.

The King

The second example I have is the mentality of believing that men must pursue women to be considered valuable and alpha. This belief could not be any further from the truth. A truly valuable man is the one who gets approached and pursued for the total package that he is, not overwhelming wealth or physique, of course. One-sided pursuit suggests the pursuer to be of lower value, and the pursuit to be of higher value. Ideally, relationships should be built on both sides reciprocating each other’s effort to pursue.

The main consequence of pursuing desperately is that the overall collective effect from all men raises the value of women. If women are being pursued everywhere they go, they will believe their apparent value to be much higher than their true, intrinsic value. It follows that the rise of value further places women out of reach for most men.

Another method of simping is bribing women with drinks and paying for meals the majority of the time. I watched an interview video in which the host asked women how they get their drinks at nightclubs. The majority of them reported having their drinks paid for by men. This dynamic achieves the same effect as the desperate and frequent pursuit of many women at the same time. Buying drinks for women will lead them to believe they possess high value, making them more unattainable.

I have literally never done any approaching or initiated any pursuit, ever. And no, it is not because of fear. There is no need to do it

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