20 Years from Now: Will Kikuyu Language Survive or Fade Away?

The Kikuyu language and culture have been most admired in Africa. From Their large numbers have influenced the power dynamics in Kenya, to the admirable culture and way of life.

All this might be gone within the next 20 years. There is a saying among the Agikũyũ that

Rũru rũtari Njaũ nĩ kũhuka Rũhukaga


“When a herd lacks calves, it goes extinct” This is definitely where Our community is heading as well as our language and some of us may claim “We’ll we are still many and we have children who will have children after but how many of them can speak Kikuyu.

a woman in traditionl kikuyu attire holding guard

Let Me explain

According to a recent research, only Less that 5% of the children in the kikuyu community under the age of ten (10) can speak Kikuyu. This mean that 20 plus years to come probably no child will be peaking or knowing anything about Kikuyu.

It pains to imagine the once great and mighty kikuyu community that holds a great majority in the country is heading to possible extinction and nobody seems alarmed by this.

Another reason why this might happen is the low birth rate among the Kikuyu these days. The government especially our good deputy president assumes or rather has the idea that the greatest threat to the kikuyu community is the alcohol but in real sense on of the greatest threat is the low birth rate. The kikuyus are getting 1-2 kids per family compared to before when people could get upto six children.

This is a sad reality that our Great Community and language might be heading this way but is there a solution. The main solution right now to start with is we should include vernacular in our schools. We should also as parents and teachers and the community at large ecourage the speaking of the language more speak the language more especially to our children. Every kikuyu father should teach their children and the children around them about our customs.

How do we save the Kikuyu culture and language?

We need to take a deliberate step towards teaching this and the next generation Kikuyu and its great customs. We should also ecounrage having more kids or even and i know some of you might dissagree with this ” Encourage polygamy” to reduce the single mother menace that has rampaged our society.

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