15 Dangerous Red Flags in a Man

1. He has a victim mentality.

2. Complaints instead of fixing his problems.

3. He’s easily influenced and always looking for validation from others.

4. He can’t control his sexual urges and food cravings.

5. Has weak eye contact, sloppy handshake, and is afraid to stand for what he believes in.

6. He’s a nice guy who’s always available.

7. He believes his parents are responsible for his miserable life.

8. If he smokes weed, he’s a weak man.

9. He distracts himself with pleasure and has no purpose in life.

10. He can’t control his emotions and gets easily offended.

11. He is desperate and puts women on a pedestal.

12. Like gossiping about others.

13. He’s fat and in terrible shape but doing nothing about it.

14. Lack of self-discipline to take action.

15. Give constant excuses and whine about his problems.

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